3 Valuable Methods for Growing as a Software Developer

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Today, there’s very little that you can’t learn by yourself or accomplish if you set your mind to it. Software development is one such skill that you can add to your resume if you know where to look for the knowledge you’d need in the industry.

It’s far less complicated than it sounds, and there are even developer training courses to guide you from start to finish. What more do you really need?

The following are some of the methods that you could use to grow as a developer and rise through the ranks to become a dependable software professional.


Anyone who has ever uttered the words “software development” would know that GitHub goes in tandem with it. It is a platform that can host your projects and encourage collaboration by bringing together developers from around the world.

To get into the details of what exactly GitHub does, it is imperative to understand what Git is. Git is a version control system. To speak in layman’s terms, it is a system that stores changes to code so that you can manage revisions and recall previous versions of the code – almost like that “last edit” button on Google Docs which lets you look at your edit history.

GitHub is a hosting service that allows you to work with Git and also utilize many of the other features of the platform that are beneficial for all those learning software development.


YouTube needs no introduction. Nor do you need any tutorial to make your way around the website. YouTube consists of a massive repository of videos explaining the most basic software development concepts.

There are verified developers who’ve shared their knowledge of and experience in the field. The value this would add to your developer training is priceless.

Pull up a couple of playlists and fall down a rabbit hole of amassing knowledge that could make you well-versed in the most advanced aspects of software development.

Stack Overflow

Something like a Quora for developers, Stack Overflow is a website where people can post questions and answers related to software development. It also has a dedicated section where job postings are listed.

This not only enables you to learn more and more but also presents the opportunities you’d need to showcase your software development skills. You never know, you just might land an interview at a tech company through one of the listings.

Even if you have no prior experience or knowledge to share, and are just looking to get your foot in the door, Stack Overflow is a great website to peruse.

With these learning methods, you could be well on your way to becoming a credible software developer. All it takes is the first step forward.

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