How to Figure Out Your Next Career Move

How to Figure Out Your Next Career Move

Your career trajectory as a professional is fully in your hands. The choices you make as a young aspirant can play a huge role in setting the path for how your career turns out. Having a right plan in place is probably for the best if you want to make it big in life. To figure out your next career move, you need to ascertain the right way forward. Here are some of the things you can get started with:

Making a List of Your Core Strengths

If your past is any indication, you know what you excel at and what your limitations are. Feeling stuck in your current job is not an ideal place to be in, but you need to focus on your strengths and look for newer avenues. Formulating a list of your strengths, skills and core competencies can help you find the right motivation to find your ideal workplace.

Work On Your Weaknesses

Acquiring new skills is easier than you think. In today’s age of the Internet, almost everybody is required to have basic marketing and social media skills. By upskilling yourself, you increase the likelihood of getting to the forefront of many different industry. Free online courses today have gained enough market space to be deemed legitimate and worthy. By working on your weakness by knocking them out of the park, you can make your profile much more eligible.

Networking Can Pay Dividends

Apart from technical skills, you will need to work on your social skills. Social people, not withstanding their academic performances, always make great employees and are more likely to be hired. Networking and interacting with friends or acquaintances in your social circle can be quite fruitful for you. You get to check the pulse of the market and you might get some solid advice, too. Increase your sociability and you will see a huge difference in your ambitions.

Research Is Key

Learning useful social skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, time and stress management are definitely worth your time. However, you need to keep your eyes on the prize and go after what you are really passionate about. Not everyone can turn their hobbies into their jobs, but you can always make a living out of doing something you are good at. Google is your friend – sit down and do your homework and you will find what the current market trends and where you fit in.

Having said all of this, you must remember to stay true to your passion. Switching careers can be quite tricky. There is a good chance that if you joined an organization where you like the work, you might have to start at the bottom. As compared to the stable position that you now enjoy at your current work. Finding the right trade-offs to make and deciding what to sacrifice requires a lot of patience and will power. If you don’t make a clear outline of what you want to chase or go after, you will remain stuck and unsatisfied. Make a life sketch, decide what you are willing to let go and go after what you care about. Your career is literally in your hands. Start today!

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