Top Tech Skills Worth Acquiring in 2020

Top Tech Skills

The world of technology is always in a state of constant flux. Everyone, from veterans looking to switch jobs in the IT sector to fresher right out of college, must stay up to date with the ongoing trends while acquiring the top tech skills. These tech skills will give you a break into the higher-level IT jobs while also fetching you an attractive payout.

So without further ado, here is a list of top tech skills highly in demand and relevant to the current conditions:

Mobile App Development

There are approximately 3.5 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide! Clearly, the world is going mobile. Upon sensing this transition, organizations are also looking into ways to tap into the potential offered by mobile phone users.

Enter mobile apps.

From online shopping to co-op gaming, you will find an app for everything. Businesses are moving away from websites and investing in in-house apps that can help clinch customer loyalty. Currently, Android and iOS development feature highly as the top tech skills to watch out for.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has evolved drastically in the past few years. A significant section of the global population has engaged with AI technologies at some point in time. And they want more!

The convenience of sustained operations without investing in labour makes AI a viable investment for businesses. Additionally, we have gone beyond machines that imitate human intelligence and are now exploring the idea of self-learning machines.

Machine Learning, a branch of AI, has gained immense traction as computers will make use of historical data to make informed, data-driven decisions. Naturally, realising these goals is only possible after employing candidates with top tech skills.

Data Science

We have reached an age where data is oil.

Data is fuelling businesses and driving growth. Data Science is a vast discipline, wherein you may have to pick out niche jobs in the IT sector. There is so much one can do with data, and there are so many places where one can start!

For instance, Big Data Analysts will extract meaning from high-volume data. On the other hand, data management deals in following best practices of data handling, storage, and maintenance.

Having keen knowledge of programming languages like Python along with a flair for mathematics or statistics can put you in the sweet spot for landing this highly coveted IT job.


As an increased number of devices are interconnected with each other, and businesses are going digital, security emerges as a core requirement. No company would run the risk of losing its credibility due to security breaches or data thefts.

As a result, IT jobs in cybersecurity are bound to enjoy great demand. Whether it is conducting security checks on existing databases or carrying out risk analysis and mitigation – cybersecurity experts will have to constantly put their expertise to use in order to outsmart hackers and other malicious entities.


Blockchain has evolved way beyond acting as a tool for cryptocurrency mining. Given the talent crunch, Blockchain Engineers are being offered sizable payouts for their skills. Critical industry sectors like fintech/financial services, logistics, pharma, and medicine have recently discovered the advantages granted by Blockchain technology and are wasting no time in getting on board.

Final Thoughts

As per a 2020 Deloitte survey, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will continue to remain top tech skills to be acquired by those seeking lucrative IT jobs. Depending on your interests and competency, you must pick a skill and work on it.

Soon after you master these top tech skills, you can trade it for a handsome payout!

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